Ready to Pack Your Storage Unit?

Follow These Practical Tips

Some of these might sounds like common sense, but they're worth repeating as you prepare to leave your belongings in a storage unit. You want to maximize your space and make your life easier when it's time to access your items or unpack your unit.

  • Label boxes clearly and on more than one side.
  • If boxes contain breakable items, be sure to mark boxes FRAGILE along with a few keywords as to what's inside.
  • To squeeze every inch out of your storage unit, stacking is key. To aid in stacking, use same-size boxes when possible.
  • Place the heaviest and sturdiest boxes on the bottom to create a solid base for stacking.
  • Fill each box completely to prevent the top or sides from crushing.
  • Don't accidentally make boxes so heavy that they're impossible - even dangerous - to handle, especially when maneuvering above your head.
  • Use larger boxes for things that don't weigh much and smaller ones for the heavy stuff.
  • Place boxes of fragile items on top of other boxes.
  • When using bags for storing some items like clothes, stuffed animals, sheets and those on TOP of a stack of sturdy boxes.
  • Place any items you may need to access towards the front of the unit.
  • Leave space between rows of boxes, creating an aisle if possible, so you can have easier access to items placed at the back of the unit.
  • Storing kitchen appliances? Obviously make sure there is no food in them, and wipe down the surfaces to remove any traces of food particles or oils that may attract unwelcome visitors.
  • Storing a vehicle? Don't forget to remove any valuables along with your registration and insurance information. Lock the vehicle and take the key with you.

Boxes can get expensive if you have to buy them, so be sure to save boxes from your online purchases or visit your local retail stores and ask if they have any free boxes. Many stores are happy to get rid of some cardboard boxes instead of paying employees to break them down for recycling.

If you need some good quality moving boxes, packing tape or other packing material, please visit our office.